Just as women’s bodies transform a sperm and egg into a new life, we can take the raw materials of our day and turn them into a series of precious connection and synergistic elements that fuel a life of beauty, wisdom, and impact.”


Musings on Living with Grace & Ease

Hello Beautiful,

As we approach Mother’s Day and enjoy the arrival of Spring, I want to honor all the amazing Mothers and all the women who bring beauty and Life to everything they touch. The Season of Spring is the expression in nature of this feminine force-bringing new life, beauty, delight, hope, and nurturing to the world. The feminine archetype is one of grace and ease.

While the masculine will push through barriers and be unstoppable to accomplish a goal, the feminine flows. If there is a delay, she revises the time frame. If there is resistance, she flows like water around the obstacle. If things get hard, she looks for ways to innovate a different approach that will have less friction. There is an approach that is resourceful, creative, and flexible.

When I purpose to live with grace and ease it feels magical. My days unfold from a foundation of faith. I believe that everything is working out in the end and delays are for my benefit. Something that doesn’t go as planned is seen as a redirect towards a divinely orchestrated alternative. I look for where the flow is in each moment and how I can bring harmony in each situation.

It necessitates a positive and faith filled outlook that is seeing everything through the lense of “this is perfect…how can I partner with this to create both peace and a constructive outcome”. I find it is one of the most congruent approaches for my soul. While there are times I need to lock on target and not deviate from the plan with resolve in my heart and blinders on my eyes, the path of grace and ease is most often my preferred way. Learning to dance with life is a skill cultivated over time and having days where we are clumsy in our approach is par for the course.

But, the goal remains to increase the quality and quantity of days spent living in this beautiful rhythm. Interestingly, it does require clear vision and boundaries to execute well. If you are functioning as a ping pong ball, navigating around others agendas and unexpected circumstances, it will be difficult to get anything done or have the necessary experience of autonomy to move your dreams and goals forward. Likewise, if you are not pruning your relationships and environment to support a life filled with love, peace, respect, and purpose, you may find yourself stagnant and accommodating.

So, ironically, it is the “masculine” qualities of leading with a clear vision and holding firm boundaries to protect your worth that facilitate you living in your feminine, alchemical flow. Just as women’s bodies transform a sperm and egg into a new life, we can take the raw materials of our day and turn them into a series of precious connection and synergistic elements that fuel a life of beauty, wisdom, and impact. We do this by living in the Presence of the Almighty.

It is our discernment, our connection to Spirit that gives us eyes to see what is really happening. Is this conversation really about something else (feeling loved, heard, or changing the agenda)? How does my plan for the day need to adjust to the friction that seems to be on every task today? Which tasks can I punt to a future day? Which need to be approached differently-in a new location, with music, as a game, etc.? We can remain committed to the outcome yet be highly flexible in the approach. A woman who is queen of her realm, whether that be her own body, the living and working spaces she presides over, or the influence of her expertise, is person who can lead by inspiring connection to both her methods and her vision.

She knows that the journey is as important as the destination and she is artful at creating a “vibe” for those along for the ride with her. Creating a “vibe” is an art. It necessitates a fluency in creating an enveloping environment that moves everyone in it towards harmony and shared purpose. Having an organized, beautiful, and comfortable environment facilitates creativity, collaboration, and deep connection. Learning to imprint each environment she is in, a master of design, she creates a world of sensually pleasing and purpose supporting elements with her wherever she is.

To all of you who appreciate a little reminder about who you really are, I hope this inspires you to continue on your beautiful journey. To all of you who feel thirsty for the new beginnings that Spring symbolizes, I stand with you in faith. To all of you that want to deepen your connection to your feminine potential, I am honored to walk with you on this journey.

Cheering you on,