Meet Rachel Beck

creating beauty from the inside out

Rachel has been practicing yoga for 26 years and teaching yoga for 18 years. She has integrated her commitment to spiritual vitality, flourishing physical health, and intentional living into an inspiring approach to well being. 

Her areas of expertise include: cultivating spiritual growth, living in harmony with natural cycles, meditation, optimal nutrition, yoga/women’s fitness, pelvic floor optimization, face yoga/facial massage, and self reflection/renewal practices.She’s traveled around the world and spent time in the world’s most glamorous settings and cities…..and trained in wilderness survival and lived off grid.

She has studied extensively in holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation, women’s spirituality, and road tested all the theories while birthing and raising 6 amazing young men and a 25 year relationship with her husband. Having a large menu of resources that has been honed in the trenches of her life and thousands of women she has taught.  She’s a lifelong student of how she can continue to evolve in all those areas herself.

She’s integrated all of her “chapters” into a spacious and versatile way of being in this world that gives her a very unique point of view to honor your unique path as well.

Her lived experience and passion make her a transformational mentor to women who want to flourish with the passage of time. As a wife and mother of 6, she knows how important it is to find the time to nurture yourself while still managing work and family responsibilities. If you are looking for support to evolve into the woman you aspire to be, you are in the right place!


what does it mean to flourish?

creating beauty from the inside out

Growing more into our true selves with the passage of time – it involves consciously aligning our lives with our dreams & shedding all that is no longer in resonance. Flourishing is rooted in forgiveness & alchemy. It centers on creating joy through daily habits that foster  growth.

Flourishing is such a beautiful energy. It’s so much more than surviving or managing.
It’s about consciously investing in habits that create well-being over time. If I could boil down my unique philosophy of how to flourish, it is a combination of mindset and deeply considered habits…with a dash of magic. Through changing circumstances and with varied resources, we all can discover how to adapt & yet stay true to ourselves.