I help spiritually-minded, successful women simplify their lives so they can re-prioritize their health & flourishing.

I work with women who want to age with wisdom and beauty. They desire to maintain their health & fitness as well as their femininity, sensuality & style as they age. They believe that they have more to offer with each year and want to embody the richness of beauty that can be developed over time. 


What Clients are saying…

“Rachel makes the journey just as enjoyable as the destination, and I can’t recommend her enough! The “Wellness Sessions” empowered me to make, not only behavioral changes, but MAJOR perspective changes. It is incredibly rare to find a mentor that operates with as much joy, care, kindness, and expertise as Rachel.”


“Sage is a word we don’t use very often anymore, and perhaps that’s because there are so few wise men and women left in the earth. Rachel Beck has spent a lifetime sitting at the feet of the Master, learning the way of wisdom from Him. She holds keys to sexuality and relationships, healing and wholeness, leadership and longevity that many are crying out for and quite literally dying to know. Rachel helped me face my past and navigate a year of burnout, reorienting me to truth and beauty in the person of Jesus Christ, so that I could live with purpose and pleasure. She taught me to slow down to speed up, to do less to do more, to pivot to move forward, to go low to ascend and to keep first things first. I am now thriving and enjoying who God created me to be as a woman, wife, mother, business owner and church leader.”


FEATURED Workshops

Sacred Rest: Essential Replenishment Rituals

Living in a culture that praises accomplishment and avoids stillness, we have become depleted, distracted, and distanced from our ability to hear and live in harmony with our Soul’s Rhythm. We will examine daily, weekly, and monthly, quarterly, and annual rituals that will help you to re-pattern your default speed and find deeper rest and epic productivity. When we can’t effectively rest, we can’t heal or access inspiration — leaving us marching on and experiencing physical and mental burnout. Get ready to create luscious cycles of replenishment and productivity by embracing “The Sacred Pause.”
Your Pelvic Floor: Sensuous Strength

Learn how a refined practice of strengthening and articulation with Mula Bandha, Kegels, and Jade Eggs can reverse years of incontinence, prevent organ prolapse, increase abdominal tone, and maximize pleasure. Come learn from Rachel, a mother of 6, how childbirth and aging do not have to have any negative effects on structural or sexual function. In reality, you’ll discover you have the option of growing into an increasingly vital and whole with each passing year. How can this be possible? Join us to have your mind blown, your hopes rekindled, and begin your best chapter yet. 

How to Develop a Healthy & Sustainable Relationship with Food

When food is a distraction from our feelings, a substitute for a diversified pleasure portfolio, or a source of addiction/shame, we loose our connection to our hunger and therefore to genuine satisfaction. Together we will lovingly upgrade your mindset and habits so they support your freedom and health. Are you ready to make peace with food and not try to suffer your way to “skinny”? You will learn how to really enjoy your food and your life — so that your mind is at ease and your body effortlessly finds its equilibrium and expresses its true beauty.