“Even when we feel surprised or upset about being out of commission, in some way it is serving us. When we stop fighting it and start learning from the situation, healing can begin.”


Three Overlooked Reasons You might be Sick or Injured

Hello Sisters,

We all get sick or injured from time to time. I don’t see this as accidental. Our body responds elegantly to our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Even when we feel surprised or upset about being out of commission, in some way it is serving us. When we stop fighting and start learning from the situation, healing can begin. Here are 3 common patters from my studies and observations over the decades, that I use personally and with my clients to get to the root of the issue so that the healing process can truly begin.

#1 Our Chemistry is out of balance

When we eat too many refined and acidic foods, our mineral balance/ph is out of the balanced ph range of 6.75-7.5. When this happens, our microbiome is compromised and immunity is lowered. We are also more prone to injury because acidic ph inhibits optimal signaling in the muscles/nerves and makes us more prone to injury. While coffee, alcohol, sodas, sweets, simple carbs, and too much meat are common culprits, stress is equally problematic. If we are under chronic stress, our body is subject to cortisol, adrenaline, and other stress response hormones that shift our ph out of its healthy range. 

What is needed, is a large amount of fresh vegetables (green juice is especially potent) and an elimination of highly acidic foods until the proper ph is regained. The body heals more quickly when an anti inflammatory diet of whole foods dominates. Additionally, slowing down our breath (and deepening/extending the exhale in particular), our movements (slower and softer movements cue safety to the nervous system), and our schedules will help normalize the ph. Difficult conversations may need to be had. Forgiveness will help clear the system. Boundaries may need to be set or re-iterated. Amends may need to be made. Healing our body, our emotions, and our spirit are all equally important.

#2 Being Unavailable Because of Your Injury or Illness May Be a Way to Not Engage 

It’s easier to “not be able to go” than to say you choose not to. Sometimes illnesses (whether acute or chronic) are avoidance mechanisms for things we resist doing but feel obligated to do—-unless our body is out of commission. It’s alway helpful to ask, “What is this illness/injury allowing me to bow out of that I don’t really want to do?” See if anything comes to mind. Prepare to have that conversation so you can be healthy AND not do the thing. 

#3 We aren’t listening to our body’s communication to slow down, so it shut’s down for a bit.

When we push too hard for too long our body will resist by not functioning in some way. This is a natural protective mechanism to bring us back into balance. The lesson here is to slow down voluntarily rather than be pushed off the cliff by a tire that blows out! We all have to accept our limits (however inconvenient that reality feels) and slow down when our vehicle is overheating. Poor sleep, bad moods, low energy, and upset digestion can all cue us to slow down and take care before things escalate further.

Our body is wonderfully designed. We are wise to listen to it, to care for it, and to learn from it. Don’t fight your body, partner with it. Treat it gently, drive it with attentive appreciation. It will last longer and the ride will be much more pleasant. Our bodies aren’t burdens. They aren’t malfunctioning machines. They are elegant and instructive teachers if we will listen well. We can learn a lot from our illness and injuries. They can usher in important realizations and life shifts that bring us into truer alignment. Greater health and more clarity can be the fruit of a carefully understood bodily reset. You see? Everything is conspiring to bring you into your fullness!

Cheering you on,


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“With good habits we set ourselves up for good days— and for the resilience needed to ease a tough day!”


simple template for a good day

Hello Sisters,

We can influence the quality of most of our days. It’s our inner posture that sets the tone and our planning that stacks the deck in our favor.  With good habits we set ourselves up for good days and for the resilience needed to ease a tough day. Either way, we win. 

These are 4 things that set the trajectory for a life of better days…

1. Your day starts the night before.

Go to bed at an hour that lets you wake up refreshed. Finish with screens 2-3 hrs before bedtime and use the end of the evening for baths, (paper) books, and having a cup of tea with a loved one. Unwind your mind and body so that your nervous system is primed to let go and replenish well. If you finish the night late or with stressful entertainment (like a suspenseful series you enjoy but it raises your stress hormones) your system will have a harder time transitioning to peaceful sleep.

2. Finish eating 3-4 hours before bedtime. 

This allows your digestion to wrap up and your sleep to be deeper. It also allows your glymphatic (brain cleansing) fluid the blood flow access needed (because digestion is complete) to clean the amyloid plaque from the brain. This reduces dementia risk and optimizes brain aging. Eating early also improves effortless weight management —since calories consumed later in the day are more likely to end up being stored as fat.

3. Use the first part of your day to get your mind right and orient your spiritual awareness. 

Sometimes we wake up upset from a dream—or for no discernible reason. We need to set aside time each morning to orient our mind to True North and align our Spirit with our Creator.

Nothing is more important for setting the course of our day, than choosing our focus and getting clear on the day’s approach and priorities. 

First we need to set our “to be” intention for the day. What qualities must we embody that day to be in alignment with our calling?  Then you set your top “to do” list—keep it as short as possible and let extras be “bonus” accomplishments. The longer the list, that more rigid we get trying to fit it all in. Rigidity and desperation to get through the list by the end of the day are the enemies of Presence and responsiveness. We want to be vessels used by God in service and that requires an openness that is tough to access when the agenda is set in stone to the minute. 

4. Prime your body for health.

Hopefully you slept well. Next you set your inner being for success. Now, its time to hydrate. Aim for 32 oz of electrolyte enhanced water in the first hour after rising. After plenty of water, a supplement or two is a good idea. Many need to be taken on an empty stomach, so early in the day is perfect timing. Allowing 15-30 minutes for the supplements to pass through the stomach, now you can do a nutritive drink like vegetable juice, a smoothie, or some tea. 

Morning is a great time to hydrate and get the body in an alkaline state for the day. You may eat (or prep for a later) breakfast. And hopefully have 15-60 minutes of morning exercise. Ideally, its done outside in the fresh air where your circadian rhythms can sync with the morning light (which sets you up for good sleep later). A brisk walk or some stretching is a basic workout to aim for or exceed. Do something more intense if you have the time and energy.

How we start the day has a huge effect on how the day unfolds. When we create evening and morning routines that prioritize  rest, clarity, and health, we access an enormous advantage for the whole day. Each day is a precious gift to be treated with reverence. I hope you feel encouraged and inspired to take your routines to the next level. The quality of your life depends on it!

Cheering you on,


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“Exercise isn’t just about extending your life span, it’s about extending your health span and enhancing how you feel every day. It’s a gift you give yourself.”


You can Be Fabulously Fit -Over 40 Edition

Hello Sister,

Fitness after 40 isn’t as straight forward as in the decades prior. The need for building strength, maintaining agility and balance, and preserving range of motion through flexibility is greater than ever. The results we got with our efforts earlier in life, can feel elusive. It’s like our body has a new rule book and we missed the announcement!

That’s what I am here to offer you, the inside scoop on getting and maintaining your results in a new chapter of life…

Before we dive deep, I want to encourage you that any movement is better than being sedentary. If what follows feels out of reach, just start with 15 minutes per day. After that is second nature, add another 30, and so on. Build on consistency! But, to go for your best health, here is a route you might consider taking….

First, you must warm up and cool down. The days of jumping straight into a workout without a thorough warm up are gone. It was never a good idea, but we got away with it in the earlier years. At this stage, the body demands a gentle introduction to the movements that you are about to do. In a mindful way, do slow movements that offer a preview of the workout to come. Tailor your warm up to the activity you are about to begin (tennis, hiking, yoga, dance, weights, etc.) for 10-15 minutes is a good plan. 

You may protest and say it’s hard to find the extra time. Cut the workout shorter if you must. A thorough warm up prevents injury and that prevents many missed workouts! Prevention of injury is key to sustaining results because it preserves your consistency. 

The same care must be taken with cooling down for 10-15 minutes of stretching the muscle groups you used (and those that are chronically tight). Slow holds and deep breathing are beneficial post workout. Warm ups and cool downs are essential to fitness in the long run.

Secondly, walking or hiking is the foundation of any fitness routine. It’s low impact, it can be done any time of day, alone or with a friend, after a meal (to lower blood sugar), in the morning (to set your circadian rhythms for the day and ensure good sleep at night), and with minimal risk of injury. Walking daily for exercise is a common thread for those who loose weight and keep it off over time. It doesn’t raise cortisol levels but does elevate metabolism. Aim to walk at least 15 minutes each day for multiple health benefits.

Thirdly, yoga/mindful stretching is central to fitness over 40. The key is to find a teacher who takes the time to cue you safely through proper alignment and to hold the poses long enough to “soften” or release into a fuller range of motion. Somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes per pose is needed to safely and effectively expand and preserve range of motion. 

Keeping our bodies open, releasing tension from areas we hold stress, and dissolving our held stresses from our physical form are all key to our wellness. If we don’t regularly empty the “stress bucket” in our body, we will store more visceral (belly/midsection) fat which raises inflammation and is a risk factor for multiple diseases. 

Daily yoga also improves sleep, contributes to balanced hormones, and reduces cellulite (by increasing fascial health). Aim for at least 15 minutes per day.

Fourthly, we benefit from low weight (1-3 lbs)/high repetition work 2-3 x per week. Pilates, Barre, and similar movement styles all offer this type of training. By working the muscles this way, we build the smaller “accessory” muscles that help prevent injury and stabilize a joint through it’s full range of movement. These types of exercises build long, lean muscles and can be done throughout the lifespan safely.

Fifthly, we can do higher weight, low repetition training 2x per week. Heavier weights (safely used under skilled instruction) help build/preserve muscle mass as we age. This is key to our bone density, our metabolism rate, our blood sugar regulation, and our hormonal regulation. Muscle loss (sarcopenia) is the first sign of aging. Preventing muscle loss is one of the most important tasks we undertake if we desire to age well.

Lastly, HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) is beneficial 2-3 x per week. In this type of training, we alternate intense effort with recovery intervals. It is often done for a duration of 15-40 minutes. HIIT training is effective in helping burn off the extra weight that wants to hold onto our middle age (and later age) bodies. It is good for cardiovascular health and it releases hormones that uplift our mood…as well as HGH (human growth hormone) to speed cellular repair and slow the clock.

You might be wondering how you can fit all of this into your already full schedule. Here I will refer you to a quote I recently read: “Would you rather exercise an hour a day or be dead 24 hours a day?” Laughs, aside, this is a valid question. Even if its not as extreme as death, the quality of life issue stands for us all. How much energy we have, how we feel about our naked body’s appearance, how we feel IN our body all day long, and our ability to fully energetically engage with life is all at stake. Daily exercise is key to sleeping well and feeling our best while we are awake! It’s worth re-examining your schedule to find more time to dedicate to exercise.

Putting it all together:

Every day, non-negotiable are: 15 minutes of brisk walking and 15 minutes of yoga.

Then, add to this base by alternating daily between:

30 minutes of low weight/high rep/pilates type work 3x per week (Mon, Wed, Fri)

30 minutes of HIIT training that alternates between heavier weights and bursts of cardio  (jumping jacks, burpees, etc) 2x per week (Tues and Thurs)

Ideally on weekends we take a longer walk and/or a group fitness class (dance, yoga, etc)

Aim for 5 days per week of breaking a sweat. On your rest days, still do the 15 min walk and 15 min stretch as body maintenance. 

If you maintain a well rounded approach over the years, your body will look and feel decades younger. You will slow the clock and enjoy life so much more. You will spend more time doing what you love and less time sick, injured, and at the doctors office. 

Exercise isn’t just about extending your life span, it’s about extending your health span and enhancing how you feel every day. It’s a gift you give yourself. Feeling great in middle age and beyond is on the menu—do you want it?

Cheering you on,


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“Pleasure, flow, and grace aren’t luxuries for the end of the race. They are the very things that sustain us along the way.”


making life easier

Hello Sister,

Here we are beginning the second month of the year! Please know that you are still in the first few moments of the year, and there is plenty of time to clarify and act on your goals. I like to take a month or two to really zero in on the essential core of my heart’s pull for the year. Take the time to re-word, re-work, and revise your initial goals into something both simple and profound. 

For me, a central theme is enjoying my life more. I furthered clarified that it was key to keep re-releasing the internal “push” that can sneak into moments and turn things into a struggle for an outcome. I know so many amazing women who have said they can relate to this sneaky dynamic that inserts itself into moments big and small…bringing struggle into our days. 

So, I wanted to share some of the tools that I am working with to re-wire this program in my operating system to one of greater ease and delight:

The 80/20 Rule

Having a good strategy (and constantly refining it) is key to success in every area of life. But, as it is said, “we make plans, and God laughs!” 80% of our success is linked to a well considered and well executed plan. 20% is our ability to surrender to the variables and unexpected things that come into play. If we are planning 10 hours of a days activities, we should be prepared that on many days, 2 hours will be diverted to the unexpected. We ought not resent or resist those derailments. We expect them as a sort of “emotional agility training” (ha, ha!). Make a great plan and embrace the inevitable.

Accept Other’s Autonomy

In a recent time of meditation, I heard, “respect their right to be ___________.”  This could be that they are mistaken, confused, afraid, lost for the moment. This is key. We don’t have to struggle so much resisting any one else’s detrimental choices. They have the right to be wrong. Just as we do. Accepting their autonomy with minimal pause will grant us more energy and emotional freedom. As we relinquish the need to control, we are granted greater and greater connection and intimacy.

Other’s also have the right to carry their own load. We don’t need to step in and rescue them. Sometimes we see the consequences of their choices before they do and sometimes we don’t really know what’s coming.

Either way, we don’t have to take on the burden of getting inside their experience…that’s their responsibility. The more compassionate thing is not to ease their suffering, but to support their learning. A great way to accomplish this is by not interfering in the feedback loop that’s trying to teach them.

Compassion and generosity of spirit—yes! But, being a constant rescuer is no one’s life calling. Let go and let them work it out. Be a supporting presence and available.

Examine Your Script

Do you feel it’s selfish to enjoy your life? Is your lived experience that pleasure is earned by completing your work (in full) before resting? Do you feel fun is for after the work is done? Been there, too, Sister! But, as long as we are breathing there will be an ongoing list of things that need attention.

The key is to learn how to enjoy moments throughout the day. I am adding some unstructured time each morning and afternoon (just 10-20 min each) in which to follow my bliss. Self care needs to encompass a little “aimless” time spent each day. If we don’t claim a few minutes on the regular, we may find ourselves burning out. Prioritizing pleasure and spontaneity may sound nice but entirely unrealistic in your current circumstances.  Which leads me to my last point…

Make it Easier

When you find yourself slogging through an interaction or task, ask yourself “how can I make this easier?” Pausing to empty your bladder or get some water might be just the thing to help you reset and approach the situation with fresh perspective. Lighting a candle might make doing that paperwork less onerous. Putting on a sweater to take away the chill that crept up on you, might make you feel more nurtured and able to find a simpler way to navigate the situation. Ask yourself how you can simplify or soften the process. It doesn’t have to be hard. 

Life can be challenging. Burnout is a real possibility. Depression and overwhelm can overtake the most gallant among us. Pleasure, flow, and grace aren’t luxuries for the end of the race. They are the very things that sustain us along the way. They matter. Beauty matters. Laughter and fun are essential. Joy and spontaneity are life skills. 

We have habits of being that we inherit. We have unconscious patterns we are entrapped by. One of the most important things to wake up to is our unconscious ways of being….especially the ones that aren’t serving us. Re-learning how to live with ease and lightness has an enormous impact on how life feels, how we are in relationships, and how we grow.

I hope I have provided some clarity and inspiration for your year. Please, prioritize your joy, your nurturance, and your peace of mind. Let go of what is not yours to carry. Build islands of pleasure into your day. Value adding beauty into your day. These are the things that make the journey lighter and sustain your Spirit through the seasons of life. 

Cheering you on,


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“Beauty is a habit. It’s a way of living. It’s a series of commitments to your wellbeing.”


5 of my Top Beauty Secrets

Hello Gorgeous,

In high school  and college, I modeled for the top agency in NYC. During my 4 years of working part time in modeling (as I completed my schooling) I learned a lot about health, fitness, and beauty. Over the decades, I have added to those skills and field tested new tools and techniques for aging powerfully and optimally. I am excited to share some with you.

Tip #1 Exfoliation is Key

Whether it’s dry brushing the body or exfoliating the face, enhancing skin’s ability to shed old cells is key to glowing.  Dead skin inhibits our glow and slows the release of waste from the skin (our largest detoxification organ).

Exfoliation reveals the newer cells. These cells reflect light and give us that “glow.”  As we age, cellular turnover slows and we need to take action to support this process. Daily body brushing and 3-4x week using a gentle facial exfoliant can really enhance our beauty.

Tip #2 Effective Moisturizing

Damp skin is the best canvas to apply your serums, creams, and oils onto. The moisture on the skin’s surface carries the moisture you pat on topically more deeply into the skin. Pat off your skin after a shower or bath (or washing your face) and leave a little dampness present to escort what you apply more deeply into the skin. 

Healthy skin is plump and moisturized. As we age we need to apply moisture more often and more strategically. I like to use a varying combination of these 3: lotion, serum, oil every day to face and body. It makes a huge difference to how the skin looks and feels.

Tip #3 Sleep is Queen

During good sleep, our body detoxes, heals, and renews. Most people realize they want more energy but don’t register how tired they truly are. Do you wake refreshed and have sustained energy all day without caffeine? Great! The other 90% of the population is living on borrowed energy (borrowing cortisol hits from the adrenals with every caffeine hit…that eventually wears the system down) and not functioning at potential. 

Going to bed earlier is key, as the sleep before midnight is most rejuvenating. Start easing your bedtime back 20 minutes earlier per week until you are in bed between 9-10pm and waking up rested. It  may take months to feel truly rested- but it’s worth it. A beautiful glow results from being adequately rested. You deserve to feel energized all day, every day, and have the energy to be YOU.

Tip #4 Cellular Hydration

The world, our cells, and all living things are made primarily of water. We thrive on a high water content diet. Aim for 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Then, aim for 9 servings. Eventually, the target is 50-70% of the volume of food you consume to be from low glycemic, seasonal, organic produce. Eating hydration is the most effective way to hydrate our bodies from the cellular level. A well hydrated body is more flexible, resilient, glowing, and youthful. Produce is full of antioxidants that combat the assaults of our stress, imperfect diets, and environment. Eating a colorful, fresh diet is a key to aging well at a cellular level.

Tip #5 Beautiful Habits

When we see our beauty as the result of long term habits, not just products we apply, we win the long game. Beauty is an expression of health, of happiness, and of artistic living. Take the time to find the colors that flatter you and the styles of clothing that highlight your features favorably. Discover the forms of exercise that create the type of musculature you desire and the skincare products that deliver true benefits. 

We are constantly changing. Our bodies and their needs will evolve over time. We must stay responsive to those changes. We will never be “perfect”. And also, we are always “perfect”. The paradox of beauty is that it requires consistent investments and then a “letting go” and just appreciating who you are right now. 

It’s the long term approach to nourishing ourselves and finding what most enlivens and highlights our beauty that we need to commit to over time. Our habits of self care, of evolving our style, and of prioritizing being our best with little efforts daily, will yield a beautiful appearance over many decades.

Beauty is a habit. It’s a way of living. It’s a series of commitments to your wellbeing. It’s a genuine desire to be our best in life. It’s your birthright!

I hope you feel inspired to up level your self care this year. Please check out my store for courses on Beautiful Skin for Life, Sacred Rest, and Healthy Relationship with Food for more in depth studies on growing your beauty over time. Or, reach out here for personal coaching on your “Glow-Up”.

Cheering you on,



“We need to see or feel results at a level that motivates us to continue, yet, with an investment of energy we can sustain.”


Your 20 Minute Transformation

Hello Gorgeous,

In working with clients and in my own ongoing transformation, I have noticed an interesting paradox. We are all motivated by dramatic change and inspiring break throughs. Yet, we are often working with limited energy and time we can invest towards those dramatic changes. We need to see or feel results at a level that motivates us to continue, yet, with an investment of energy we can sustain over time without burnout. 

For most people 20 minutes is the sweet spot.

  • 20 minutes of extra sleep can begin to pay down our sleep debt and help us feel noticeably more energized.
  • 20 minutes working out can create true improvements in our fitness.
  • 20 minutes a day is enough to clear a drawer or a shelf of clutter and re-organize it.
  • 20 minutes per day is enough to upgrade our hair styling and makeup application to upgrade our daily appearance.
  • 20 minutes per day of quality time is enough to deepen our connection to a spouse or child we want a better relationship with.
  • 20 minutes per day of meditation or prayer is enough to powerfully quiet and center our Spirit.
  • 20 minutes per day is enough to make significant progress on a project that feels stuck and so difficult to motivate ourself for.
  • 20 minutes per day of journaling can bring clarity and resolve as we plan a new way of being.
  • 20 minutes per day of reading a book can jumpstart our understanding of a subject, or provide reprieve from a habit of internet surfing.
  • 20 minutes per day of skin care can up level our glow (apply a face mask to soak in while you dry brush your body for 10 minutes, then rinse the mask off and gua sha your face and neck for 5 minutes). That’s a full body skin investment!
  • 20 minutes per day of studying a foreign language or practicing an instrument will take us far in our learning journey over time.

Dramatic transformations can occur with moderate but —this is the key—consistent action. 5 days per week is an important standard to hold. So, pick one area of your life you really want to move forward. Select an area you have felt stuck and doubted you would ever break through. It’s time to prove the change you are capable of.

Decide to create a breakthrough! Pick a time of day and commit to 20 minutes of effort in that area. Do this 5 days per week. By the end of this year, you will have 260 sessions of investment towards your goal. At the end of the year, things will be quite different!

The key is to show up, no matter how you feel, and do the best you can that day. Some days you will be a powerhouse, others you will likely be less effective. Both days build long term results. Consistency beats intensity. Just keep showing up!

Cheering you on,


PS If you are looking for support in re-imagining your life, reach out to schedule a discovery call.


“I prefer to have a good plan and then see how it plays out in real time, making shifts to flow with the natural movement of a project or day to feel the wind in my sails rather than row against the tide.”



Hello Gorgeous,

With the momentum of a fresh New Year fueling our hopes to make positive and intentional shifts that help us grow, I want to offer some tips on how you relate to time.  Our relationship to time is key for our quality of life and our effectiveness. We want ease and efficiency. We want focus with flow. The more we understand how to heal our relationship with time, the more we are able to accomplish…and in a way that feels nurturing not depleting. So, let’s take a look at some key  insights on this topic.


Reflect on  these common experiences of time:

  • I feel like I never have enough time!
  • Where does all the time go?
  • No matter how much I try, I just can’t keep up.
  • I feel guilty for wasting time.
  • I loose focus, get distracted, and before I know it, I am way off track in my schedule.

When we respect someone and pay attention to them, we improve our relationship with them. It’s true for people, for pets, for houseplants, and for time. Time is a relationship we have to the present. When we pay attention to it and respect it, that relationship is satisfying. 

So, how do we pay attention to time? How do we respect time? It starts by understanding that time is our friend not our enemy. When we enter a relationship with an assumption of goodwill, it helps to draw the best. Time isn’t against us. We don’t need to battle the clock or the passing of time. Time is the friend of a good investment, right? Time increases the value of many things (learning a language, a financial investment, a seedling growing to a plant). This brings us to our second insight….


Just like us humans, time loves a purpose. When we are aimless, time doesn’t get to work it’s magic. When we are aware of carefully choosing our course of action, time partners with us to make it even more valuable. When we prioritize our highest value activities and immerse ourself in the moment with excellence and attention, time is our friend.


Time is our most valuable resource. It cannot be borrowed or repaid. It only exists in the moment with no guarantee of its availability later. How we spend our time is our greatest leverage point for growth, happiness, healing, and impact. 


If you want to change something, you need to track it. Taking a time audit (noting how you spend your days for 3 days in 15 minute increments)  may seem tedious. But seeing how we are spending this non renewable resource is key. The average American spends over 3 hours each day watching shows and 4 hours each day on their phone.  2-5 hours are spent planning, making, and repairing purchases! That’s probably not the best use of time in the long run.


What are your priorities? For most people, good health, good relationships, making an impact in work/community, and personal growth (in our Spirt, emotions, mindset) are at the top of the list. If any of these is stagnant or flailing, we experience stress and diminished ability to function. We want to thrive! So, let’s make the priorities a priority as often as possible.

Finding the time for enough sleep, to get fit, to meditate, to read, to finish projects, gets so much easier when we have limits on shows, phone use, and shopping. Personally, I limit these 3 activities (phone time, shows, shopping)  to 1- 2 hrs total most days. That gives me time to invest in what I truly value.


Some days are more challenging and require more pivots. I have a magnet on my fridge that reads “Let go or be dragged.” It’s a fine line between holding our boundaries/sticking to our well considered plan and making shifts based on where things feel resistant and where there is a more natural momentum. I prefer to have a good plan and then see how it plays out in real time, making shifts to flow with the natural movement of a project or day to feel the wind in my sails rather than row against the tide. 

I do the minimum on timely tasks so they move forward and deadlines are met. I focus more on what tasks are flowing naturally. Did I plan to clean the house today but find I am drawn to re-organizing instead? Perhaps, I spend 1/2 the time on the cleaning priorities and use the rest of the time to follow my inclination to de-clutter. Each day seems to have its own will that we discover along the way. We can partner with it and enjoy more ease and flow.

When we relate to time in these ways we are likely to experience more harmony, ease, and grace. We are more likely to make important progress and live more intentionally.  I hope you found inspiration that will aid you as you work to make this year your best yet.

Cheering you on,


PS If you are looking for support in re-imagining your life, reach out to schedule a discovery call.


“Asking a powerful question with an open heart can transform us forever.”


Reflections for Your New Year 

Hello Gorgeous,

As we wrap up the year, I wanted to thank you for welcoming me into your life through joining my mailing list. I look forward to bringing more practical and inspiring offerings for you in the New Year.

I feel deeply grateful to have been featured on 4 podcasts, to support my coaching clients in our calls, and to have spoken at remarkable events. Meeting inspiring people and sharing my passion was such a joy! I look forward to expanding my offerings in the coming year.

As we enter a new season and a new year, here are a few of my favorite questions to ponder:

  1. Where in my life did I surprise myself?
  2. How was I brave? What risks did I take?
  3. Who did I meet that most impacted me?
  4. What did I learn about the deeper truths of Creation and God?
  5. What generational weights do I desire to let go of once and for all?
  6. How can I re-prioritize my life to better nourish my calling?
  7. Where can I simplify to create peace and savor the moment more? What 2 things can I start with — either by releasing or delegating?

Whether you pick one question or several, I hope the moments of deep consideration allow insights about how you wish to move forward in your life and be more present and of greater service to the great I AM.

Cheering you on for all that is to come,

PS If you are looking for support in re-imagining your life, reach out to schedule a discovery call.


“Our lives can be built, not as a reaction to a problem but, rather, as a living testament to a solution.”


Courageous Living

Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to the holiday season! I hope you and yours are well. May this season be one of choice not obligation. One of  inspiration, not exhaustion. As the days grow shorter and we enter Winter, it is the natural rhythm to slow down and replenish.

To the contrary, our consumer culture makes this the busiest time of the year. It’s your choice how to participate in the season. I encourage you to remember this and to choose carefully what you want to give yourself to.

This takes courage and clarity. These two virtues allow you to make choices that align with your heart and spirit rather than be carried by expectation and momentum.

Courage comes from the old French linguistic root for heart: “corage” —heart, innermost feelings. To follow your inner most feelings and your heart is to be bold, brave, and different. If what you aspire to seems too big to be believed or too simple to be honored by others then you are probably listening well to your soul.

When what we aspire to falls outside of the traditional track people take, then it is often genuine and not manipulated by the surrounding influences. Of course, the insistence on being different can be it’s own conformity. Some people instinctively rebel against the expectations of the group.

Their non conformity is predictable. There is a distinct energy of those that are oppositional. But, we aren’t trying to be different as a matter of course. We are different in a non-referential way. We aren’t “this” because of the bad “that”.

If you begin to notice that you have constructed any part of your life as a bulwark against something you dislike….congratulations! That’s the first step to your next level of freedom. What comes next is determining what you are FOR.

What are you living in service to, in support of? How are you an example of freedom in spite of prevailing fears? We are in integrity in our Soul when we are living in alignment with our priorities. It is a waste of energy to build any part of our personality or life in reaction to a real or perceived problem rather than as a living testament to a solution.

For example, you may begin gardening because you fear food shortages, hate agribusiness and its polluting practices. You can also begin gardening because you love the idea of becoming more self sufficient, you want greater connection to the seasons and the soil, and you know that you can create the highest quality sustenance by growing it yourself.

In the first scenario, your fear and resentment fuel the action. In the second scenario, your desire to thrive in health and connection to nature drive the action. Both result in your gardening habit. But only one is deeply restorative to body, soul, and spirit.

Courage to care about getting to the root of our motivations is key because it illuminates the core beliefs that are running our “programs”. The ability to sit in silence, be still, and listen will develop your ability to discern the hidden things.

In stillness, the water and mud settle into two distinct layers and you can see clearly through the water. When everything is stirred up, no visibility is possible in the water. The discipline to be still and breathe deeply while quieting your mind develops true discernment.

And that is what I wish for you….courage, clarity, discernment, and integrity of life. Those are the best gifts to give yourself and others. May you orient your pace of life and subsequent choices in service of these anchors.

Cheering you on,

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“When we try to get all of our pleasure from one source, we overdo it. It’s time to diversify your pleasure portfolio.”


Luxurious Weight Loss – Part 2

Hello Beautiful,

In Part 2 of Luxurious Weight Loss I am going to share 3 tips for accelerating the rate at which you come to your healthiest weight. Some of these tips might surprise you. The truth is, its not just what we eat, but how we feel that influences the weight we carry. So let’s explore how we can loose weight and gain freedom…

The weight you are carrying
What is weighing on you? For some it is being an overworked single parent. For others it’s financial stress. Some people are over committed and just can’t ever seem to get ahead. It could be a secret you have been carrying for years. But, there is always an emotional component to the extra weight on our body being mirrored in our physical form.

A key component to lasting weight loss is unburdening our emotional self. We need to bring our weights into the Light and find healing and help. Without that component, we won’t be able to feel truly light and free. It takes courage to face the truth.

What are you carrying? Are you ready to put it down? Who can you enlist to help support you in the process? How would it feel to not carry that alone any more? That is what I want for you. Let’s release the weight you are carrying. It’s been long enough. It’s time to put that down. It’s time to be free.

The pleasure you are denying yourself
Often, food is one of the only “sanctioned” pleasures in someones life. When we try to get all of our pleasure from one source, we overdo it. It’s time to diversify your pleasure portfolio.

Make a list of 20 things your really enjoy that aren’t food or drink. Make an effort to do several a day. Standing barefoot on the grass and watching the sun rise or set is a good one. A long bath with a candle is another. Alone time to read or think is a true luxury. Time to cuddle a loved one is good. Sitting and eating a meal outside (a picnic or on the front porch) is delightful.

You get the idea. Try to bring more pleasure into your life all day long. If we aren’t pleasure starved, we won’t be as vulnerable to “finally, something I enjoy in my day” overeating.

Your life matters. What you enjoy matters. The truth is, bringing more pleasure into our days isn’t usually a big expenditure of time or money. Often, it’s 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, and the the effect is a much more enjoyable life. Life is a gift-take the time to wrap it nicely!

The pain we feel
So many of us have unfelt feelings that creep up to be present as we eat. We are eating our feelings rather than meeting them. When we meet our feelings, we can be introduced (hello, I am sadness / disappointment / loneliness / grief) and have a little sit down to get to know them.

When we explore what we are feeling (name it) and then take the time to understand the root cause (explore it), we are then able to process our emotions just like we would process a meal—extracting the useful and releasing the waste.

By increasing self awareness in silent reflection, with journaling, or talking with a trusted person, we are better able to process our emotions and let them teach us rather than lead us (subconsciously) to overindulge.

It’s very common for people to overeat as an avoidance of not being present to difficult feelings. Life can throw us off the horse—and down the hill. Overeating will just add to the discomfort you are feeling.

Tenderly soothe your pain with human connection and wise counsel. Don’t try to use food as a comforter. You deserve better.

Indigestion and tight pants are not reducing your pain. That pain requires loving attention, compassion, and support. Feed your heart with true connection. Feed your stomach with quality food appropriately portioned.

Loosing weight and maintaining that leaner physique requires emotional self regulation, diversified pleasure, and feeling supported in life’s journey. Food will nourish the body. The emotions and spirit require other types of nourishment.

Take the time to build all those types of nourishment into your life. You were designed for a purpose. Your health let’s you engage with that purpose at a higher level. It’s worth the effort to build those support systems in so that you can be who you are meant to be.

If you want to learn more about food peace, check out my course Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food. If you want support in your journey, I can support you in wellness coaching. I hope that you get the support you need to live your healthiest, most radiant life.

Cheering your on,