Spiritual Fitness + Extraordinary Nutrition + Aging Beautifully

One on One – Women’s Coaching

I offer my clients two priceless keys for their breakthroughs: Hope + A Plan. I have a unique ability to really see what is possible for you (even when you don’t) and then to create a customized plan for getting you to the place you long to be. In our work together we will be focusing on identifying + dissolving your blocks and creating new habits of being and living. Are you ready for a breakthrough and the tools to sustain that transformation? 

Aging Beautifully

  • Reclaiming your birthright of health and vitality
  • Feeling optimistic and empowered about aging beautifully
  • Establishing new mindsets and habits that anchor you
  • Reconnecting with your vision for what your life can be
  • Dissolving plateaus in your health, weight, and fitness
  • Creating menus and workout routines that support you shining brightly and feeling energized
  • Learning how to strengthen your pelvic floor for sexual and functional health

Living with Grace and Ease

  • Prioritizing your Spiritual growth for a truly aligned life
  • Finding a life rhythm that balances action and rejuvenation
  • Creating morning and evening routines that make a true difference and stand the test of time
  • Filling your pantry and fridge with the most delicious and healthy foods to delight and satisfy
  • Re-framing your history, your present, and your future in ways that strengthen your sense of purpose and propel you towards optimism and alchemy

Embodying Your Femininity

  • Bringing out more of your true beauty and living with style
  • Being complementary rather than in a power struggle with your beloved
  • Recovering your feminine essence
  • The courage to embody your femininity and the strength to protect it
  • Unlearning protective personality patterns that block your soft heart from coming through
  • Letting go of the layers of unforgiveness, hurt, and resentment that add weight to our lives, ourselves, and our relationships
  • Releasing limiting beliefs about productivity, power, and control

Two Options

Hourly Consulting – Perfect to reframe your perspective and navigate a specific challenge. 60 minute phone coaching session – $250 per session

Monthly Mentorship – This option is best for those committed to healing a specific health issue, life pattern, or personal re-invention.  This option is a powerful way to make lasting change for deep seated patterns. Weekly 60 minute calls, email follow-ups, and my daily prayers for you. $900 per month 



Rachel’s areas of expertise include: cultivating spiritual growth, living in harmony with natural cycles, meditation, optimal nutrition, yoga/women’s fitness, pelvic floor optimization, face yoga/facial massage, and self reflection/renewal practices.

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If you are looking for a truly unique, powerful, compelling keynote speaker, Rachel is perfect! Her topics include wellness, balance, nutrition, optimized living, essentialism, family vision, parenting and much more. She has given keynote sessions and led workshops in Denver, Santa Rosa, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Dallas in addition to international podcasts and webinars. Please fill out this form to let us know about your opportunity!

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