One could say that all of our purpose in life is to be transformed and made whole one thought, action, and feeling at a time…in service to the world and in connection with God.


Living Your Purpose

Hello Beautiful,
You are a miracle. No one has ever been just like you and you have an essential contribution to make to the world in your lifetime. Each one of us comes with our own advantages and challenges, our own generational baggage and blessings, and our own inborn sense of what we are drawn to. 


The first thing we own is our body and our being. It will always be our primary responsibility to learn, to care for, and to develop and nurture our potential. Self responsibility is key to our maturing and to our autonomy. We cannot delegate our personal development (or blame our stagnancy) on anyone else. We must all learn how to care for our body, our mind, our emotions, and our Spirit. Each aspect of yourself is a key factor in coming to wholeness and living our purpose. I believe we all share several key responsibilities. They are:


  • to learn what our body needs (at differing stages of life) to heal and thrive
  • identify our interests and giftings and develop a life that uses them in integrous expression and service 
  • to develop a relationship with the Creator that is personal, loving, and vital
  • to understand, heal, transform, and upgrade our emotional patterning
  • to train our mind to be a servant of our being (rather than a tyrant)


As we are in the lifelong evolution of learning these lessons, we will encounter many chapters of life, relationships, and transformative experiences. Everyone and everything we encounter is a mirror that is showing us where we need to grow in self awareness, take initiative, set and maintain boundaries, remaining diligent but flexible, and take responsibility for our contributions to creating dynamics (without absolving others of their roles/responsibilities in the situations).


It’s a tall order! But, I love that it’s never boring. I feel like the old adage “if you’re bored, you’re  not paying attention” is very true. In any “boring” moment we have a dozen things we could be absorbed in, from “how is my posture?” To “what is my inner conversation trying to convince me of at the moment, and should I be buying into that story?”etc. Every moment we are given is a chance to learn and to grow towards the Light.


Life is endlessly full of lessons and they keep repeating until we learn them! If you find yourself saying, “why is this happening again?!” Then I can tell you (from personal experience… felt with a sigh and compassion), “the lesson will repeat until the student masters it”. One of our key purposes is to get to the point where we can face the same relational dynamic or life situation and respond with skill and clarity to exit it or transform it.


Eventually we will be “immune” to the problem because we have built an effect response protocol in our Being. Hypothetically, we would be neutral to encountering it again because we know exactly how to get out of it’s hold. But, it will rarely revisit us, and just to remind us how far we have come and how free we have become. 


One could say that all of our purpose in life is to be transformed and made whole one thought, action, and feeling at a time…in service to the world and in connection with our Creator. When we don’t know what to do next, we can ask the question, “what is the next step I can take towards presence, clarity, and strategic action?” We just keep repeating this every moment for a lifetime. The result is a wise, highly skilled, responsible, capable, and fascinating human!


Cheering you on,