“Beauty is a habit. It’s a way of living. It’s a series of commitments to your wellbeing.”


5 of my Top Beauty Secrets

Hello Gorgeous,

In high school  and college, I modeled for the top agency in NYC. During my 4 years of working part time in modeling (as I completed my schooling) I learned a lot about health, fitness, and beauty. Over the decades, I have added to those skills and field tested new tools and techniques for aging powerfully and optimally. I am excited to share some with you.

Tip #1 Exfoliation is Key

Whether it’s dry brushing the body or exfoliating the face, enhancing skin’s ability to shed old cells is key to glowing.  Dead skin inhibits our glow and slows the release of waste from the skin (our largest detoxification organ).

Exfoliation reveals the newer cells. These cells reflect light and give us that “glow.”  As we age, cellular turnover slows and we need to take action to support this process. Daily body brushing and 3-4x week using a gentle facial exfoliant can really enhance our beauty.

Tip #2 Effective Moisturizing

Damp skin is the best canvas to apply your serums, creams, and oils onto. The moisture on the skin’s surface carries the moisture you pat on topically more deeply into the skin. Pat off your skin after a shower or bath (or washing your face) and leave a little dampness present to escort what you apply more deeply into the skin. 

Healthy skin is plump and moisturized. As we age we need to apply moisture more often and more strategically. I like to use a varying combination of these 3: lotion, serum, oil every day to face and body. It makes a huge difference to how the skin looks and feels.

Tip #3 Sleep is Queen

During good sleep, our body detoxes, heals, and renews. Most people realize they want more energy but don’t register how tired they truly are. Do you wake refreshed and have sustained energy all day without caffeine? Great! The other 90% of the population is living on borrowed energy (borrowing cortisol hits from the adrenals with every caffeine hit…that eventually wears the system down) and not functioning at potential. 

Going to bed earlier is key, as the sleep before midnight is most rejuvenating. Start easing your bedtime back 20 minutes earlier per week until you are in bed between 9-10pm and waking up rested. It  may take months to feel truly rested- but it’s worth it. A beautiful glow results from being adequately rested. You deserve to feel energized all day, every day, and have the energy to be YOU.

Tip #4 Cellular Hydration

The world, our cells, and all living things are made primarily of water. We thrive on a high water content diet. Aim for 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Then, aim for 9 servings. Eventually, the target is 50-70% of the volume of food you consume to be from low glycemic, seasonal, organic produce. Eating hydration is the most effective way to hydrate our bodies from the cellular level. A well hydrated body is more flexible, resilient, glowing, and youthful. Produce is full of antioxidants that combat the assaults of our stress, imperfect diets, and environment. Eating a colorful, fresh diet is a key to aging well at a cellular level.

Tip #5 Beautiful Habits

When we see our beauty as the result of long term habits, not just products we apply, we win the long game. Beauty is an expression of health, of happiness, and of artistic living. Take the time to find the colors that flatter you and the styles of clothing that highlight your features favorably. Discover the forms of exercise that create the type of musculature you desire and the skincare products that deliver true benefits. 

We are constantly changing. Our bodies and their needs will evolve over time. We must stay responsive to those changes. We will never be “perfect”. And also, we are always “perfect”. The paradox of beauty is that it requires consistent investments and then a “letting go” and just appreciating who you are right now. 

It’s the long term approach to nourishing ourselves and finding what most enlivens and highlights our beauty that we need to commit to over time. Our habits of self care, of evolving our style, and of prioritizing being our best with little efforts daily, will yield a beautiful appearance over many decades.

Beauty is a habit. It’s a way of living. It’s a series of commitments to your wellbeing. It’s a genuine desire to be our best in life. It’s your birthright!

I hope you feel inspired to up level your self care this year. Please check out my store for courses on Beautiful Skin for Life, Sacred Rest, and Healthy Relationship with Food for more in depth studies on growing your beauty over time. Or, reach out here for personal coaching on your “Glow-Up”.

Cheering you on,