“We need to see or feel results at a level that motivates us to continue, yet, with an investment of energy we can sustain.”


Your 20 Minute Transformation

Hello Gorgeous,

In working with clients and in my own ongoing transformation, I have noticed an interesting paradox. We are all motivated by dramatic change and inspiring break throughs. Yet, we are often working with limited energy and time we can invest towards those dramatic changes. We need to see or feel results at a level that motivates us to continue, yet, with an investment of energy we can sustain over time without burnout. 

For most people 20 minutes is the sweet spot.

  • 20 minutes of extra sleep can begin to pay down our sleep debt and help us feel noticeably more energized.
  • 20 minutes working out can create true improvements in our fitness.
  • 20 minutes a day is enough to clear a drawer or a shelf of clutter and re-organize it.
  • 20 minutes per day is enough to upgrade our hair styling and makeup application to upgrade our daily appearance.
  • 20 minutes per day of quality time is enough to deepen our connection to a spouse or child we want a better relationship with.
  • 20 minutes per day of meditation or prayer is enough to powerfully quiet and center our Spirit.
  • 20 minutes per day is enough to make significant progress on a project that feels stuck and so difficult to motivate ourself for.
  • 20 minutes per day of journaling can bring clarity and resolve as we plan a new way of being.
  • 20 minutes per day of reading a book can jumpstart our understanding of a subject, or provide reprieve from a habit of internet surfing.
  • 20 minutes per day of skin care can up level our glow (apply a face mask to soak in while you dry brush your body for 10 minutes, then rinse the mask off and gua sha your face and neck for 5 minutes). That’s a full body skin investment!
  • 20 minutes per day of studying a foreign language or practicing an instrument will take us far in our learning journey over time.

Dramatic transformations can occur with moderate but —this is the key—consistent action. 5 days per week is an important standard to hold. So, pick one area of your life you really want to move forward. Select an area you have felt stuck and doubted you would ever break through. It’s time to prove the change you are capable of.

Decide to create a breakthrough! Pick a time of day and commit to 20 minutes of effort in that area. Do this 5 days per week. By the end of this year, you will have 260 sessions of investment towards your goal. At the end of the year, things will be quite different!

The key is to show up, no matter how you feel, and do the best you can that day. Some days you will be a powerhouse, others you will likely be less effective. Both days build long term results. Consistency beats intensity. Just keep showing up!

Cheering you on,


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