From My Heart To Yours…

As we face uncertainty and fear in this unprecedented global health challenge, I want to encourage all of you to focus on how you can turn this “stress-garbage” into compost. One of my core beliefs is that we can choose how to process all we encounter and use it to make us stronger. So, while we are “social distancing” we can also do so many positive things!
This may be a different week than we planned. Our plans have to be postponed or modified in many cases.

“we can partner with what is rather than resisting it”


Here are some of my suggestions for the coming weeks:

  1. Choose to up level your health and immunity for your own flourishing….act from a place of love and gratitude for your body not fear
  2.  Focus on what you can control and improve: you can spring clean, do home projects, do your digital organization, and spend less time commuting
  3. Gratitude practice x100: focus on what is going well, what you appreciate, who you love
  4. Don’t let your mind direct all its creative power towards possible negative outcomes but rather daydream about how things could work out well in the end
  5. Limit you media (especially news) to being informed but not becoming inundated….15 min a day is more than enough for me
  6. Go to bed early…get caught up on sleep and truly rested. A good night’s sleep is the shortest distance between despair and hope….and it’s great for increasing immunity, too!
  7. Get fresh air…whether that’s taking a walk, run or a hike.
  8. Keep active: being sedentary lowers our circulation, our immunity, and our mood. Dance and yoga are especially powerful mood boosters.
  9. Use music to lift your spirits—we can lift ourselves out of a funk with upbeat music
  10. Consider an organic, plant-based, unrefined, and varied diet for optimal health.
  11. Use the power of touch: cuddle pets, tickle kiddos, massage, & make love.
  12. Remember that resilience, ingenuity, faith, and connection to ourselves and others can sustain us through the unexpected….and into greater growth and thriving!

~ Here’s to Flourishing ~