From My Heart To Yours…

As I begin my 3rd week of “social distancing,” I am more committed than ever to taking exquisite care of myself so I can show up in a way I am proud of for myself, my family, and this interconnected world of ours.

We Can Choose

Each of us gets to choose whether we freeze, freak out, or double down on calm, strategic action to do what we can, where we are, with what we have. With a house full of 8 (now 4 adults as our 2 oldest are back home with my husband and I for the time being) and 4 children, there is a lot to manage—meals to cook, school to teach, laundry to do, working from home on our businesses, and especially creating a healthy, happy home base from which we can all thrive.
Deep awareness, clear agreements, and consistent follow through make it possible to manage all this and still have time for taking amazing care of myself.
So many of us are likely addicted to entertainment rather than truly relaxing and restorative lifestyle habits. Consider if the national average of 4hrs on your phone each day and 4 hours watching shows on TV/Computers is creating the physical and mental health you feel best about.

Limit The Screens

We limit our movie/show time to a couple of evenings per week and use the other nights for games (ping pong, black jack, and Pente are current favorites), making music together, reading by the fire, or talking and relaxing. Notice if all your non-work time is spent being entertained. I contend that you deserve better. You deserve to feel great in your own skin, healthy, energized, centered, and inspired.
Because I limit my screen time to 45 min most days (online banking, email, a few blogs/vlogs that inspire me) I have plenty of time to: get 8- 9 hours of sleep, 90 min of yoga/pilates/walking, do facial massage & jade egg training, meditate, practice breathing exercises, and eat healthy meals while sitting down at the table. All of this investment in my body, soul, and spirit supports me so I can be my best (most of the time) even when times are challenging.

Self Care

Here is how I like to chunk my self care practices throughout my day. I hope it inspires you to create your own next level self care plan. Now is the time! We all need to create structure and a sense of progress to help us cope with all the difficulties and unknowns in our lives. Self care is not selfish. Self care is strategic! Without great health, a solutions-focused mindset, and a connection to the Bigger Reality….we won’t weather this storm so well. So get lavish with yourself….here’s how I am doing that right now:

A good day starts the night before….

  • Aiming to eat by 6pm to let the food digest well before my early bedtime
  • No phone or screen time after 7pm so my circadian rhythms sync with the light/dark cycles-I usually fall asleep with 10 minutes if I give myself a few hours without screens in the evening before bed
  • 9:30 in bed, so I can get plenty of pre-midnight / extra restorative sleep

My morning self care 6:00-8am

  • 6am wake up for journaling, meditation, and breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • 6:45 begin 45 min of yoga/pilates
  • 7:30 shower + jade egg practice+ face yoga (5–1minute exercise to relax jaw, tone neck, smooth forehead, sculpt cheekbones,and prevent lines between eyebrows)

Mid-day Nurturing

  • sit down for a healthy lunch and listen to a podcast that inspires me
  • 5-10 minute massage self massage of my scalp and neck with frankincense + geranium essential oils in a coconut oil base

Late Afternoon Reset

  • take a walk in nature with one of my kids for a combo of exercise, parenting, and time in nature
  • drink a glass of water with a big spoon of green powder mixed in for a mineral boost

Evening Unwind

  • kids are in their rooms for the night by 8 so the house is quiet
  • take a bath with salts, oil, essential oil….light a candle….put on a face mask
  • rest my legs straight up the wall as I use my jade gua sha disc to massage my face and neck
  • exchange 5 compliments and 5 brags with my husband to finish the day with connection and a sense of progress
  • meditate with my beloved before sleep
Some days I miss a few, and that’s OK. The key is to reconnect with my “engine” and fuel it every few hours so I keep burning brightly and create a solid foundation of wellness.
~ Here’s to Flourishing ~

~ Here’s to Flourishing ~