“When we try to get all of our pleasure from one source, we overdo it. It’s time to diversify your pleasure portfolio.”


Luxurious Weight Loss – Part 2

Hello Beautiful,

In Part 2 of Luxurious Weight Loss I am going to share 3 tips for accelerating the rate at which you come to your healthiest weight. Some of these tips might surprise you. The truth is, its not just what we eat, but how we feel that influences the weight we carry. So let’s explore how we can loose weight and gain freedom…

The weight you are carrying
What is weighing on you? For some it is being an overworked single parent. For others it’s financial stress. Some people are over committed and just can’t ever seem to get ahead. It could be a secret you have been carrying for years. But, there is always an emotional component to the extra weight on our body being mirrored in our physical form.

A key component to lasting weight loss is unburdening our emotional self. We need to bring our weights into the Light and find healing and help. Without that component, we won’t be able to feel truly light and free. It takes courage to face the truth.

What are you carrying? Are you ready to put it down? Who can you enlist to help support you in the process? How would it feel to not carry that alone any more? That is what I want for you. Let’s release the weight you are carrying. It’s been long enough. It’s time to put that down. It’s time to be free.

The pleasure you are denying yourself
Often, food is one of the only “sanctioned” pleasures in someones life. When we try to get all of our pleasure from one source, we overdo it. It’s time to diversify your pleasure portfolio.

Make a list of 20 things your really enjoy that aren’t food or drink. Make an effort to do several a day. Standing barefoot on the grass and watching the sun rise or set is a good one. A long bath with a candle is another. Alone time to read or think is a true luxury. Time to cuddle a loved one is good. Sitting and eating a meal outside (a picnic or on the front porch) is delightful.

You get the idea. Try to bring more pleasure into your life all day long. If we aren’t pleasure starved, we won’t be as vulnerable to “finally, something I enjoy in my day” overeating.

Your life matters. What you enjoy matters. The truth is, bringing more pleasure into our days isn’t usually a big expenditure of time or money. Often, it’s 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, and the the effect is a much more enjoyable life. Life is a gift-take the time to wrap it nicely!

The pain we feel
So many of us have unfelt feelings that creep up to be present as we eat. We are eating our feelings rather than meeting them. When we meet our feelings, we can be introduced (hello, I am sadness / disappointment / loneliness / grief) and have a little sit down to get to know them.

When we explore what we are feeling (name it) and then take the time to understand the root cause (explore it), we are then able to process our emotions just like we would process a meal—extracting the useful and releasing the waste.

By increasing self awareness in silent reflection, with journaling, or talking with a trusted person, we are better able to process our emotions and let them teach us rather than lead us (subconsciously) to overindulge.

It’s very common for people to overeat as an avoidance of not being present to difficult feelings. Life can throw us off the horse—and down the hill. Overeating will just add to the discomfort you are feeling.

Tenderly soothe your pain with human connection and wise counsel. Don’t try to use food as a comforter. You deserve better.

Indigestion and tight pants are not reducing your pain. That pain requires loving attention, compassion, and support. Feed your heart with true connection. Feed your stomach with quality food appropriately portioned.

Loosing weight and maintaining that leaner physique requires emotional self regulation, diversified pleasure, and feeling supported in life’s journey. Food will nourish the body. The emotions and spirit require other types of nourishment.

Take the time to build all those types of nourishment into your life. You were designed for a purpose. Your health let’s you engage with that purpose at a higher level. It’s worth the effort to build those support systems in so that you can be who you are meant to be.

If you want to learn more about food peace, check out my course Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food. If you want support in your journey, I can support you in wellness coaching. I hope that you get the support you need to live your healthiest, most radiant life.

Cheering your on,