Transformational Childbirth


An Audio Program for Transformational Childbirth  – 80 minutes of audio content

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Transformational Childbirth
80 minutes of audio content

What is Transformational Childbirth? It is the belief that pregnancy and delivery can be a profound rite of initiation into your power and beauty as a woman. We can experience easy conception, pleasant and pleasurable pregnancy, and fear free, empowered delivery. In refusing to buy into cultural norms that disempower women from the truth of what pregnancy and delivery were meant to be, we begin the journey.

In this one of a kind audio course, Rachel shares her remarkable journey through all 6 experiences of pregnancy and natural, unmedicated childbirth. She emphasizes the mindset shifts she underwent, the mental and spiritual belief systems she replaced, and the nutrition and wellness routines she followed. While our actions have an enormous effect on our experiences, this course is not about having a “perfect” experience. It is a manifesto for striking the balance between personal empowerment and surrender to the unknown.

Each woman’s experience will be different, but all experiences can be a magnificent portal into personal transformation and expansion into our next “bloom.” This is also a course with multiple insights for those not seeking to have children…it is about the journey we all take through what is unknown and uncontrollable. We have the opportunity to continually be reborn into the next chapter of our life if we approach our journey with faith and intention.

In this course you will learn:
  • How to recognize and replace common disempowering beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth
  • Key self-care practices for a healthy pregnancy
  • How to stay in “your power” regardless of where you choose to deliver
  • Creating your personalized approach to transformation through the various chapters of becoming a Mother
  • The priceless parallels between pregnancy/delivery and the heroines journey and how to embody them in your experience