Sensuous Strength


In a world that is full of confusion about sexuality and what feminine empowerment is, I offer this course as a tool to light the way forward. We will examine the connection between sensuality & discernment, between sexuality & creativity, and strength & surrender. This course offers significant mindset shifts that will empower your aging process, how you see your sexual power, and daily practices to ensure the healthiest possible female reproductive system.

2.5 hrs of audio content

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Sensuous Strength

2.5 hours of audio content
Course Summary

This is a course about creating physical and energetic vitality through a blend of ancient and modern practices for a healthier body and ageless sexuality.

In this audio course we will be looking at why women’s reproductive organs typically atrophy and become a burden not a blessing…and why they don’t have to!

We will be helping you reset your expectation for sexuality and pregnancy/delivery/postpartum as well as for midlife and your post menopausal years. We are designed to thrive physically, spiritually, and energetically through all these experiences. Learn how to enjoy structural integrity, sensuous delight, and creative flow in your daily life through a radically connected relationship with your body.

This course is about strengthening and optimizing your pelvic floor and will help give you…

  • A five minute per day exercise that can make you look 5 years younger
  • The insight and exercises to make orgasm an easy and delightful part of your life
  • Insider tips on building a strong and sleek core
  • Practical, accessible steps to take you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • The tools to prevent the pelvic organ prolapse (many of the 50% who have this are unaware of it)
  • The tools to regain or maintain complete bladder control for life