Luxurious Simplicity


An Audio Program for Living with Luxurious Simplicity — 45 minutes of audio content

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Luxurious Simplicity
45 minutes of audio content

Course Description
What is living with Luxurious Simplicity? It means spending our resources (energy, time, and money) in ways that align with our spiritual values, our aesthetic preferences, & practical needs. Living with luxurious simplicity is about considering what makes us feel delighted & fulfilled. Together we’ll explore how to refine our ability to prune & plant what we love in our lives. We can all learn to hold out for quality, avoid over-commitment/over-consumption & take the time to meaningfully connect with ourselves & the world.

In this course you will learn

  • Creating a life that feels nurturing and intentional
  • How to make more time for what you value
  • Little shifts that add big joy to your day
  • How to buy your dream items with your real budget