When you feel your best, you are freed from self conscious thoughts. You are more able to be in the moment, connect deeply with others, and to make your biggest contribution.


A Real “Glow Up” For Spring

Hello Beautiful,

This time of year, many of us are ready to shed the old and welcome the new. Whether its dry winter skin, clothes that feel like they don’t suit us, or a few extra pounds that kept us warm this winter….we crave letting go of the old and starting fresh.

When you look your best, it helps you to feel your best. When you feel your best, you are freed of nagging, self conscious thoughts. You are more able to be in the moment, connect deeply with others, and to make your biggest contribution.

Looking your best doesn’t have an expiration date. You can be 30, 50, or 70 and feel your best yet. Health is beautiful. Kindness is beautiful. Creativity creates and embodies beauty.

Many smart and virtuous women feel annoyed by the culture’s emphasis on beauty (and especially on sexuality selling everything) and they want to hide all traces of their feminine form.

Because beauty and seduction that are “performed” for the manipulation of others might feel so far from their heart, they shy away from the whole category of beauty, sensuality, and femininity.

What speaks to my soul, is a different approach. When a woman embodies her version of beauty, her version of femininity, and sensuality…. in an elegant, appropriate, and subtle way….she is true to herself.

She is not performing for male (or female) attention. She is not hiding her light as a defensive reaction. She is in non-referential living. She is not “the opposite” of those she deems “too” this or that. She is very much her own “best”.

Her best is the next level of her own development. It has nothing to do with her friends, a celebrity, or her social group. She is simply living her inner vision of beauty. The way she dresses, the way she moves, and the way she styles her hair (and does or doesn’t do her makeup) is all a reflection of what makes her feel radiant.

This necessarily changes over time. One year, you might be drawn to longer hair worn wavy and boho dresses. The next year, a sleek blowout and pencil skirt with kitten heels may feel like the “new you”. The good news is that you get to explore all kinds of “flavors” and enjoy the feelings they fill you with.

Maybe feeling free, makes you feel gorgeous and you want to dress for action…a woman ready for an adventure. Perhaps, you long for the luxurious feeling of a long silk dress and the feeling reveling in the moment in a luxurious, feline like way, it reinforces in you.

There is value in exploring these different expressions of yourself. Personality is quite fluid. It is the repetition of ways of feeling, thinking, and acting that becomes so effortless, we think its just who we are. It’s really more true that it is just what we have practiced.

The thing is, we can think different thoughts, spend more time in a different emotional zip code, and take different actions…..and find we are quite different over time. “Practice it until you become it” can be your motto.

It’s like going on vacation for a while to a different culture and experiencing such different stimulus, that we actually shift our way of being for a time. That can be a good thing when chosen intentionally! Different external cues (where you are, how you dress, who you are with) all can influence how we show up as a person.

So, this Spring, let your “glow up” be something more that a haircut, manicure, and new outfit.

What are several words you want to embody in a feeling sense? What style of clothing would feel good to explore? What new habits or changed life pacing would feel especially congruent with becoming the woman you want to become?

And, by all means, go out and refresh your style as well.

Just know that you are craving more than a new fashion direction or beauty enhancing appointment.

You are craving the new expression of you. You want a style that reflects the inner work you are doing and the places you are growing into.

It feels good when your inside and your outside are aligned. Taking the time to explore new expressions of beauty and style that feel like the manifestation of the woman you are becoming is not a waste of time. It’s a great investment to align the two and be something on purpose.

When we choose our style, it’s a non verbal communication of our current state of being. We are choosing to be seen….and maybe to draw to us those who appreciate what we do.

Connecting with ourselves, with others, and with creativity is no shallow aim. It takes clarity, courage, and creativity. Be intentional. Be seen. And shine!

Cheering you on,


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