I like to show people how to make their lifestyle choices create value over time rather than create a burden.


Aging is Like Interest—Are you adding value or adding debt?

Hello Beautiful,

One of my favorite topics to coach people around is their mindset on aging. We all get to decide whether to age accidentally or intentionally.

Aging doesn’t “happen” to us. It is the aggregation of our own choices. That compounding effect is like interest. It can work for you in an investment or against you in debt.

Many people expect to have less energy, reduced range of motion, diminished vitality, and entrenched health restrictions accruing over the coming decades.

Most people live into that expectation. Because they feel it is inevitable, they don’t take the actions they could to prevent or reverse this reality.

Our responsiveness to the changes in our body, over time, can create a deep and useful dialogue at every age about what is working well, what needs attention, and new options for resolving health challenges.

With age, we do need to refine our approach to fitness, to nutrition, recovery, and supplementation. Those changes are dialed in on a personal level, so you find what serves your unique constitution best. With skilled guidance and intuitive shifts in habits, you can alter your approach to meet your body’s changing needs.

Aging wisely, beautifully, and healthily is a core value in my life and in my work with women who want to find greater clarity and renewed vitality. When we set the expectation that our prime is always ahead of us (rather than in the past), we start to take more motivated actions to live into that expectation.

Our beliefs about aging, and the consequent choices we make, are potent factors in creating our lived experience.

I want to encourage you to find role models for the decades to come. Look for people who have the beauty, the radiance, the fitness, the vitality, the sparkle in their eye, that you would dream of for your own future. Try to learn how they created those outcomes.

Experiment and modify your own choices to be more in alignment with those habits. Listen to your body, do your research, and most of all, set a higher hope for yourself…and choose to live into it!

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